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Hello, my name is Carmel. I offer custom brand design services for passionate small business.

 Out-shine your competitors and turn heads with unique and fully customized brand visuals allowing your ideal customers to see the value you put behind your business.


Do you want to evolve from a DIY look and achieve a more professional image? Are you a female small business owner aspiring to amplify your presence? If you are seeking personalized guidance and strategy backed creative direction, then these design services are tailored just for you.


 Ready for a

Thinking about investing in your business?

I get it, starting your business on your own can be stressful and not knowing where to begin or trying to do everything yourself is time-consuming and difficult. That is where a brand designer comes in. I have created an easy process for my clients to provide them with the brand of their dreams.  


A brand doesn't need to just look pretty. A solid brand is backed by strategy and research and can work as a barrier entry for future competitors. Are you ready to get the dreamy brand you've always wanted? to attract your target audience and provide a memorable experience for your customers?


I had the pleasure of working with Carmel for a rebranding project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was changing the name of my business and wanted new branding to match the new feel. From the very beginning, I was struck by Carmel's ability to capture the essence and feel of my business. The new branding she created is not only professional and polished but also exudes a sense of fun and playfulness that perfectly aligns with how I want my customers to feel. One of the aspects of working with Carmel that truly stood out was the ease of the entire process. Communication was smooth and efficient, and she was able to grasp my vision and turn it into reality in no time. It's refreshing to work with someone who not only has remarkable design skills but also has a knack for understanding her clients and their needs. The turnaround time for the project was impressively quick, and every step of the process felt seamless. Carmel was a delight to collaborate with and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again on future projects.

Who are these services for?

This 1:1 brand design program is designed for the female entrepreneur who is looking to transform their current small business. Whether you are looking for a step up from the DIY look, attract high-value customers, refine your product or embark on the journey of launching your own solid brand, my services provide you with the dedicated support and insights you need to thrive. A service that will reconnect you to your goals and set off a renewed enthusiasm and confidence towards your business. 

* Ready to get that dreamy brand you have always envisioned?

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Get to know your designer

With a passion for creating stunning visuals, I strongly believe that playful funky brands are the way to go. I truly love crafting capturing brands for small businesses that are eager to stand out and being able to be their voice in creativity. When I'm not creating you can find me obsessing over a new TV show, enjoying the outdoors or travelling somewhere new!

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