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Customizable and easy-to use templates.

Want to provide a seamless process for your clients? Level up your brand design services with these fully customizable templates. (More templates coming soon)


MoodBoards/Creative Direction

You don't want to miss out on the creative direction stage of your brand process. Grab this mood board template to provide your client with the best experience!


Client Brand Proposal

This brand proposal will allow you to effectively pitch your services to your potential client. This is a 7-page fully customizable document with access to both a Canva link as well as an Illustrator AI file.


Customer Persona Analysis

Grab this customer persona template to identify a target audience. Add this template to your brand design process or brand presentation for your clients. This template can also be reused to show MULTIPLE customer persona's!


Mini Brand Guidelines

Use this Mini Brand Guideline Sheet to provide detailed instructions for your client on how to use their branding! This brand guide is a fully customizable document which will allow you to present to your client all of their brand elements cohesively. 

More templates coming soon!

who are these templates for?

These templates are mainly created for other brand designers so that they can effectively streamline their branding process for their clients. By implementing effective techniques and strategies into your brand design process you are adding value to your services and it makes you look more professional and trustworthy.

If you have any questions concerning the templates, feel free to reach out!

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